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Sapori del Parco

La Gota
History In particular areas of the Casentino (Vallesanta - Chiusi della Verna) and in remote areas of Romagna, the processing of pork has always led to the creation of a very unusual cured meat obtained from the pig's cheek: "la
The earliest evidence of the chestnut of Mugello dates back to Roman times, but it is only from the High Middle Ages that it assumes a strong economic importance, so much that it is mentioned in the registers of Florence’s
Area of current production in the Park Bagno di Romagna, Bibbiena, Chiusi della Verna, Poppi, Pratovecchio, S. Sofia, Stia. Description Fir honeydew is dark brown, almost black, with green reflections; if pure, it faces a very
History Describing the history of honey is certainly not an easy task. Honey originates from bees, and the only merit of mankind is in the discovery of its special features. Over time, techniques have been refined to improve its
History The Apennine sheep has always been one of the most interesting characteristics of these lands. Milk, one of its main products, was and still is lovingly transformed into one of the oldest and most prestigious Tuscan
History The "Regina di Londa" peach has an unknown origin. The earliest information dates back to the '50s, when it was brought to the fore by Alfred Leoni of Londa who discovered it by chance and, verifying its characteristics,
History In 1515 the Community Magistrate of the land of Bibbiena brought as gifts to Pope Leo X some raviggiolo cheeses presented in a basket covered with ferns; this is the first historical testimony of this cheese, produced by
History For the “salsiccia matta” sausage or "ciavar", the same considerations of all other food products of pork origin apply. Nothing ever goes to waste from this useful animal; everything is used and the most skilled butchers
History Apparently there are no historical written testimonies of the “tortello sulla lastra” dumpling. Always considered one of the delicacies of the border lands between Romagna and Tuscany, it is certainly one of the best "
History The Chianina cattle is certainly one of the most important and ancient races of Italy. The name derives from its area of origin, the Val di Chiana, a borderland between Tuscany and Umbria. The Romans and the Etruscans
History "It was not created in a moment, nor did it come out as perfect as Minerva from the head of Jupiter, but it is the result of patient, intelligent, passionate work of a whole group of farmers who have lavished their care