The "Regina di Londa" peach has an unknown origin. The earliest information dates back to the '50s, when it was brought to the fore by Alfred Leoni of Londa who discovered it by chance and, verifying its characteristics, understood the commercial importance it could have as a late cultivar. An abundant flowering accompanied by an excellent fruiting and a good resistance to oidium (pathogenic peach fungus) allowed it to become excellent for the Mugello hill. To these first considerations we can add the fact that its ripening takes place in the second decade of September, an unusual period becoming the only white pulp cultivar on the Florentine market in late September. Today, the importance of this peach in the Municipality of Londa remains unchanged and every year, in the month of September, its qualities are celebrated in the most important village festival.

Area of current production in the Park



This is a very fragrant fruit, of large size and round shape, slightly flattened at the poles; white - light green, with intense red marbling. The pulp is creamy white with bright red veins near the core, firm, very sweet and aromatic.

Seasonality of the product

This fruit can only be appreciated during the months of September and October.