The peach "Regina di Londa" has an unknown origin. The first information about it date back to the 50s, when it was accidentally discovered by Alfredo Leoni from Londa: after analyzing its features, he understood the commercial importance it could gain as a late cultivar. An abundant blooming completed by an excellent fructification and a good resitance to the oidium (a pathogenic mushroom of the peach tree) transformed it in an excellent fruit for the hill of the Mugello area. Moreover, its ripening takes place in the second ten days of September, a particular period, since it is the only white pulp cultivar on the market of Firenze in late September. The importance of this kind of peach has not changed in the Town of Londa, and every year, in September, there is an important town festival.

Current production area in the Park



It is a very sweet-scented fruit, it is rather big and round-shaped, slightly flattened at its poles; it is white - light green, with red veining. The pulp is white with red veining near the stone, it is compact, very sweet, and aromatic.

The season of the product

Only in the months of September and October.