As far as the "salsiccia matta" or "ciavar" is concerned, we should consider once again the features in common to all the alimentary products coming from the pig. Nothing must be wasted of this useful animal; everything must be used, and the most skilled butchers have always been able to obtain delicious products from the careful "division" of the meat. The history of the "ciavar" can be heard in the tales of the old inhabitants of the valleys of Romagna, and these sausages still preserve the virtues of the territory and of its generous people. The product derives from the processing of the less valuable pork meat, such as tounge, heart, cheek, and the entrails coming from the boning of the head; they get minced and patiently mixed with salt and pepper, a lot of garlic, and good Sangiovese wine. The garlic and the Sangiovese wine are two key ingredients of this very particular product, since they arouse and soften its taste making it unique.

Current production area in the Park

Bagno di Romagna, Portico-San Benedetto, Santa Sofia.


The "ciavar" seems like a sausage; however, it has a different colour which changes according to the meat used, and it can be more or less dark. This product is usually eaten when it is fresh and grilled, but it can also be seasoned or preserved in oil.

The season of the product

The whole year.