Environmental education and sustainable mobility project making use of the Casentino railway (Arezzo-Stia route)

Recipients: Educational institutions of every level and degree in the province of Arezzo

Methods of execution: The presence of the Planetarium at Stia for 15 years, a glorious piece of the history of astronomical dissemination of this territory, represents the opportunity to discover, through a very articulated path between museums, ecological museums, and natural environments, the history, culture and naturalistic values that characterize the small mountain villages in the National Park area... from the earth to the sky. Upon arrival at the Stia station, the participants are welcomed by a Guide who will follow them until the end of the activities.

Costs: The project foresees a reduction of the costs of the guides/operators of the Planetarium and of the transport by train thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed by the Park, TFT, Tuscany Region, Union of the Municipalities of the Casentino, Pratovecchio Stia Municipality, Municipality of Bibbiena, and USR Toscana

For information: Park Tourist Office 0575/503029

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