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Natural Reserves

The Natural Reserves

The Natural Reserves are defined as protected natural areas characterized by the presence of one or more natural elements, such as fauna, flora, and ecosystems, which are distinguished by their particular naturalistic value and which therefore play a strategic role in the conservation of biodiversity. Inside the Park there are seven State Natural Reserves, managed by the CFS through the Territorial Office for Biodiversity of Pratovecchio (AR) - UTB, divided into two categories with different levels of protection: three Integral Reserves (RI) and four Biogenetic Reserves (RB). As indicated in the zoning of the Park Plan, these are identified respectively as Zone A "Integral Reserve" and Zone B "General Reserve Oriented". These reserves play a role of primary importance here, as they protect areas of great naturalistic value on the national and European scene. Ancient and monumental trees and woods, rare floristic entities or at the limit of their distribution area, well-preserved ecosystems protected at a European level are the main emergencies. Giving prestige to an area which already in itself is precious and rich in biodiversity.

»Biogenetic Reserves

Established with Legislative Decree 13.07.1977, they cover a total of about 4,600 ha and include the RB of Campigna; Camaldoli; Badia Prataglia - Lama; and Scodella.

RB municipality Province Extension
Campigna S.Sofia FC 1190 ha
Camaldoli Poppi AR 1169 ha
Badia Prataglia - Lama Bagno di Romagna, Poppi FC, AR 2190 ha
Scodella Pratovecchio AR 69 ha


»Integral Reserves

Established in different moments and with different purposes, they cover a total of about 1,320 ha and include: the RI of Sasso Fratino, the RI of La Pietra to protect a strip of ancient Gran Ducale forest with transitory woods of beech and adult high forests of silver fir, the RI of M.te Falco - P.gio Piancancelli, protecting rare and endangered floristic species of great conservation value, and the RI of Monte Penna.

RI Province Extension
Sasso Fratino - La Pietra FC, AR 1.039 ha
M.te Falco - P.gio Piancancelli FC, AR 35 ha
Monte Penna FC 35 ha

“Le Riserve Integrali di Sasso Fratino" and "Riserve Biogenetiche Casentinesi"

Are managed by the Territorial Biodiversity Office - Ufficio Territoriale per la Biodiversità

Via Dante Alighieri, 41 - 52015 Pratovecchio (AR)

tel. 0575.583763 - e-mail: