Describing the history of honey is certainly not an easy task. Honey originates from bees, and the only merit of mankind is in the discovery of its special features. Over time, techniques have been refined to improve its exploitation. Aristotle, in the fourth century BC, already describes techniques for breeding bees, tireless "workers" who transform the nectar carried by honey bees through a progressive reduction of water content and a simultaneous insertion of substances produced by the bees themselves.

Area of current production in the Park

All the Municipalities of the Park.


Honey is essentially composed of simple sugars, vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts. Its colours and flavours can be of a number of varieties. These two important aspects, "visual" and "organoleptic", are in fact inextricably linked to the floral origin and the climatic environment in which it was produced by the bees. The state in which it is presented can also be varied: liquid, creamy, or crystalline, an aspect linked to its floral and geographical origin.

Seasonality of the product

Honey is a product that can be found in the Municipalities of the Park throughout the year.