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Regulations and legislation

Rules for the establishment of the Park

The first measures to protect the territory of the Park date back to the Ministry of the Environment Decree of December 1990 (PDF), at a stage in the history of Italian parks where there was still no organic law on the subject and there were only five national parks and several regional protected areas, established on the basis of local law initiatives. The actual institution of the Park Authority, however, starts only after the approval of the framework law on protected areas (Law 394/91), considered by all as a historical event which provided an organic regulation that was unitary for the operation of parks and from which today derives the entire system of Italian protected areas. With the decree of the President of the Republic of July 12, 1993 (PDF), the Management Body was formally established, the perimeter of the protected area was established, and the provisional safeguard rules dictated.

The Statute

The Statute contains the normative criteria on which the activity of the Entity is founded: juridical nature, territorial competence, the aims and norms of the Park; the bodies of the organization and their functions, the organization of personnel, the management and organization tools of the Park (Regulations, Park Plan, Clearance, Multi-Year Economic and Social Plan) and the guidelines and rules for citizen participation.

The Plan and the Rules

As foreseen by the Framework Law on Protected Areas, the management of territories falling within the National Park is regulated by the Park Plan, which defines the organization of the Protected Area into four zones with different levels of protection, and indicates objectives to pursue for each of them.

The activities allowed in the Park are then governed by the Park Regulations, which for each sector identify the methods and limits for the execution of the various interventions in detail.

Within the National Park, the most restrictive regulations adopted by the Regions and by the State remain in force, as well as those relating to the matters to which the Plan and Regulations expressly refer.