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Institutional Bodies


The current President is Luca Santini, appointed by Ministerial Decree n. 197 of 21 June 2013.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was reconstituted on 29/12/2014 with decree DEC/MIN/316 and is composed as follows:

> Marco Baccini, Piero Berti, Fabio Pignotti, and Salvatore Valente by designation of the Park Community;

> Stefano Gotti by designation of environmental protection associations;

> Alessandro Andreotti by designation of the Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research;

> Rossella Angiolini by designation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry;

> Oreste Franci by designation of the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Protection.

By resolution of board of directors n. 1 of 26/02/2015 Marco Baccini has been elected Vice-President of the Park.

The Board of Directors, determines the program address, defines the objectives to be pursued, and verifies, through the Chairman, the compliance of the results of the administrative management with the general directives given. In particular, the Board of Directors performs the following tasks:

• draws up the Statute of the Park Authority and resolves any revision thereof;

• elects, in the manner provided for by the Articles of Association, the Vice-President and the Executive Committee;

• approves the annual financial statements, their variations and settlements, and the final balance sheet;

• approves the proposal for an organic plant and any revision thereof;

• resolves internal regulations to achieve the objectives of the Park Authority;

• adopts the Park regulations required by art. 11 of the Law of December 6, 1991, No. 394;

• prepares the Plan for the Park as per art. 12 of the Law of December 6, 1991, No. 394;

• expresses binding opinion on the Triennial Economic and Social Plan referred to in Article 14 of the Law of December 6, 1991, No. 394, prepared by the Park Community;

• intervenes, if it deems it opportune or necessary, in judgments concerning wilful or negligent events that may compromise the integrity of the Park's natural heritage and has the right to resort to administrative jurisdiction for the cancellation of illegitimate acts detrimental to the institutional aims of the Park;

• ratifies, within 60 days after their adoption, the resolutions passed urgently by the Executive Committee;

• takes all other measures required by law, regulations or submitted to the attention of the Executive Committee or the President.

For further information on the Board of Directors see the Statute (DOC) of the Park Authority.

Executive committee


The Executive Committee is composed of the President of the Park Authority, who presides over it, the Vice-President, who is a member by right, and a member elected by the Board of Directors, chosen among the Counsellors in office.

The Board is responsible for the formulation of proposals for acts of competence of the Board of Directors, the care of the implementation of the deliberations of the Board of Directors, the adoption of all acts that do not fall within the exclusive competence of the Board of Directors, the exercise of the functions delegated by the Board of Directors of the Body.

Please note that the executive committee has not yet been re-established.


Park Community


The Community of the Park is made up of the Mayors of the Municipalities of Poppi, Pratovecchio Stia, Bibbiena, Chiusi della Verna, San Godenzo, Londa, S.Sofia, Premilcuore, Tredozio, Portico, and San Benedetto and Bagno di Romagna; by the Presidents of the Emilia- Romagna and the Tuscany Region; by the Presidents of the Province of Forlì-Cesena, of the Province of Arezzo, and of the Province of Florence; by the Presidents of the territorially concerned Mountain Communities.

The Community of the Park is an advisory and proactive body of the Park Authority and carries out the following tasks:

• designates four representatives for the formation of the Board of the Park Authority according to the criteria set forth in Art. 1 of Presidential Decree 73/2013;

• decides, after binding opinion of the Board of the Park Authority, the multi-year economic and social plan, which it submits for approval by the Region and supervises its implementation;

• expresses a binding opinion on the budget and on the final account of the Park Authority;

• expresses an obligatory opinion regarding the Park regulations;

• expresses an obligatory opinion on the Park Plan;

• expresses its opinion on other issues at the request of at least one third of the members of the Board of Directors;

• adopts organization regulations.