"It was not created in a while, nor it came out perfect as Minerva from the head of Jupiter, but it is the result of the patient, clever, and passionate work of a group of breeders who for half a century took care of it......" Dino Sbrozzi describes with these words in 1930 the "Romagnola" race. With great knowledge, Alberto Silvestri told in 1975 its wonderful history. Coming from China (from the steppe race) it arrived first in Mongolia and then in the East of Europe, until it arrived in Romagna. In 1876 in Lyon eight oxes were weighted: the heaviest weighted 801 kg., the less heavy, 700. In Parigi, at the 20th Century World Exhibition, it gained an official recognition for its high zootechnical value. It inspired many artists, among whom Pascoli, Carducci, Guerra, Spallicci, and Marchini. Fortunately, its story goes on, since in the Towns of the Park the breeding of this race goes on to guarantee to the consumer a higher quality.

Current breeding area in the Park

Bagno di Romagna, Portico-San Benedetto, Premilcuore, San Godenzo, Santa Sofia, Tredozio.


The Romagnola has a light grey coat, alomost white, and it presents a considerable muscular development, in particular as far as the forelimbs are concerned. It has black horns, or black at the top and yellow-white at their base, long and well-made; half-moon shaped in the oxes, lyre-shaped in the cows.

The season of the product

The whole year.