In 1515, the Magistracy of the Community of Bibbiena gave as a gift to Pope Leone X some "raviggioli", which he presented in a basket covered with ferns; the first historical evidence of this cheese, fruit of its production with rennen without breaking. Artusi, in his "Manuale pratico per le famiglie ...." inserts the "cacio raviggiolo" as an ingredient for the cappelletti of Romagna, an unquestionable evidence of the culinary value of a fresh product obtained by the processing of milk, nowadays mainly cow's milk.

Current production area in the Park

Bagno di Romagna, Bibbiena, Chiusi della Verna, Poppi, Portico - San Benedetto, Pratovecchio, Premilcuore, San Godenzo, Santa Sofia, Stia.


It is a white and tender dough, with a very delicate taste, almost sweet and slightly buttery. It is usually round-shaped and it is from 2 to 4 cm height. It is usually presented on little fern branches.

The season of the product

Since it cannot be preserved for a long time - maximum 4-5 days - the production is limited to the period going from October to March.