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Civil Service


The "National Park of the Casentino Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna" civil service is carried out throughout the territory of the National Park, with operational headquarters in Pratovecchio-Stia (AR) and Santa Sofia (FC), paying particular attention to raising awareness of the natural biodiversity as a common heritage and also involving the resident population in environmental protection actions.

The National Park of the Casentino Forests and Arci Civic Service Forlì have identified focus groups to define the project idea in its objectives, actions, and activities, to evaluate possible partnership networks, to verify the human, economic, and instrumental resources for a realization, verification, and participation in the activities.

The civil service has the following objectives:

  • Knowledge and preparation of monitoring
  • Collection and compilation of data and videos
  • Knowledge of the projects
  • Safeguarding animal species in difficulty
  • Contribution to the increase of opportunities compatible with the protected area
  • Participation in calls for tenders
  • Increase of the sense of belonging and affection for the territory, especially in the younger generations
  • Contributing to making the area attractive for tourism
  • Collaborations in events taking part in Festaggia
  • Increasing cultural awareness in the population
  • • Recognition, identification, hypothesis, comparison and collaboration between the public and the park
  • Environmental education activities


  • Reduction of the conflict between fauna and local agricultural economies,
  • Promotion of compatible activities
  • Educating young generations to respect nature


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