La Gota


In particular areas of the Casentino (Vallesanta - Chiusi della Verna), and in remote parts of the Romagna, the processing of the pork meat has always led to the production of a very particular kind of charcuterie which is obtained from the pork cheek: the so-called "Gota". A "rich" and sapid meat with excellent organoleptic features, suitable also for the hard works in the woods and in the fields, for those who needed a considerable supply of calories spending not a lot of money. The "gota" gets salted for two weeks and is preserved hanged on a beam in a dry room where it gets seasoned for at least one month.

Current production area in the Park

Bibbiena, Chiusi della Verna, Poppi, Pratovecchio, Santa Sofia, Stia.


It is rather small, with a triangular or trapezoidal shape and a thickness which never goes beyond the 10 cm. The meat is reach with lean parts which are not continuous but are well-distributed and which give it a strong compactness. It is an extremely tasty meat, which can be eaten with Tuscan bread or combined with other food like eggs and potatoes.

The season of the product

The "gota" is ideal in every time of the year, but it is advisable to taste it during the winter.