The Apps for tablets and smartphones dedicated to the Key to Nature project are finally available, both for Android and IOS, immediately allowing to download over 100 dichotomous keys, including those of the National Park!

Field identification of animal or plant species is usually the prerogative of few experts, both because they only know the differences, which are sometimes minimal, between similar species, and because the characteristics that allow to distinguish families or genres can often only be observed with a stereomicroscope. Fortunately, there are now many instruments that come to our aid, guiding us to the discovery of a new world. We are talking about the internet, handheld devices, smartphones, and tablets, which increasingly become "a pocket Virgil" always ready to answer our questions. In collaboration with the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste, the National Park of Casentino Forests has created a series of identification tools for trees, plants, lichens, and diurnal moths. Furthermore, with the same methodology, an instrument has been created dedicated to the plants of the Botanical Garden of Valbonella in Corniolo (FC). Thanks to the Apps created by the project and now available for tablets and smartphones, it will therefore be possible to consult the dichotomous keys created so far, which are richly illustrated and available in various languages, also being useful for consultation without internet connection.

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