Mount Falterona

The Falterona group is the most important mountain range of the Park and, in the Florentine side of the protected area, is majestic and wild. The Visitor Centre addresses the theme of the mountain in many ways: there is the area dedicated to "famous travellers" (the Etruscans, Dante, Dino Campana, the allied troops); the area related to the "Anatomy of the mountain”, the room of the "Civilization of the chestnut tree" telling the stories of the inhabitants of Castagno and their relationship with the cultivation of the chestnut tree. In the "room of suggestions" you can see a projection about the mountain and the seasons of the chestnut tree. On the upper floor, a space equipped with computers, projectors, and other communication tools, is open to groups and schools.

Starting from the town of Castagno d'Andrea you can walk the Nature Trail, which has as its theme "The civilization of the chestnut", a path that leads to the discovery of the traditions of peasant culture and the cultivation of chestnuts. In the surrounding area, in addition to Mount Falterona, the Abbey of S. Godendo deserves a visit, being one of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany, and the Hermitage of Santa Maria, reachable following the forest trail that from the road of the Muraglione leads to the Acquacheta. Another place to visit is Lake Idoli, south of the top of Mount Falterona, the most important archaeological site in Casentino where one of the most conspicuous examples of the cult of the Etruscans was collected.

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