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The conservation measures

The Romagna side of the Park

The Emilia-Romagna Region, with resolution no. 79 of 22.1.2018 (BUR No. 25/18), approved the new General Measures of Conservation, valid in all the Natura 2000 sites of the Emilia-Romagna Region, and the new Specific Conservation Measures and Management Plans, valid for each individual site. In this context, since the Park Authority is already in possession of the Park Plan as an instrument for managing the Natura 2000 sites under its jurisdiction, for its sites it only oversees the preparation of the Specific Measures of Conservation.

The Tuscan side of the Park

The Region of Tuscany, in compliance with community and ministerial measures, has instead defined in first person with specific indications the general and specific conservation measures in order to guarantee the protection of the species and habitats of significant conservation interest present on the sites of the regional ecological network (ZSC + ZPS + sir). In particular, with the Regional Council Decree no. 1223 of 15 December 2015, the conservation measures for the Tuscan ZSCs were approved.

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