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The Natura 2000 Sites in the Park

The National Park of the Casentinesi Forests is part of this ecological network. The entire territory of the Park is affected by the presence of Natura 2000 sites: 12 ZSC, ZPS and SIR (Site of Regional Importance), some of which extend beyond the boundaries of the protected area. To these we can add three other sites that border the park: the SAC "Rami del Bidente, Monte Marino", "Monte Zuccherodante", and "Monte Calvano". The spatial relationships with which these sites are configured on the territory are different; in particular, the two ZPSs of the Romagna side perfectly coincide with the relative reference SIC, while the ZPS of the Tuscan side overlaps, totally or partially, several SICs. To obtain further information on the individual Special Areas of Conservation or Special Protection Areas, clicking on the Identification Code one may download the reference Natura 2000 form, while clicking on the name you can access a descriptive card on the Emilia-Romagna Region website.

Click here instead to discover directly on webgis the distribution of the Natura 2000 sites on the territory of the Park.


Regione Emilia-Romagna 

 ZSC/ZPS  IT4080001  Foresta di Campigna, Foresta la Lama, Monte Falco
 ZSC/ZPS  IT4080002  Acquacheta
 ZSC/ZPS  IT4080003  Monte Gemelli, Monte Guffone

Regione Toscana

 ZPS       IT5180004  Camaldoli, Scodella, Campigna, Badia Prataglia
 ZSC       IT5180001  Crinale Monte Falterona, Monte Falco, Monte Gabrendo
 ZSC       IT5180002  Foreste Alto Bacino dell'Arno
 ZSC       IT5180003  Monte Faggiolo, Giogo Seccheta
 ZSC       IT5180005  Alta Vallesanta
 ZSC       IT5180018  Foresta di Camaldoli, Badia Prataglia
 ZSC       IT5140005  Muraglione, Acqua Cheta
 ZSC       IT5180101  La Verna, Monte Penna