An important town at the bottom of the valley of the Casentino, it preserves evocative glimpses of the old urban layout arranged along the banks of the Staggia torrent, near its confluence in the Arno. Some noteworthy spots are the parish church of S. Maria Assunta, whose Romanesque origins are testified by the beautiful sculpted capitals that support the three naves; the Palagio Fiorentino, in the middle of a splendid park and home to museum exhibitions and conferences, rebuilt in the early twentieth century on the site of an ancient castle; the Fabbrica, a large nineteenth-century wool factory that recalls the times when the fame of the "Panno Casentino" also imposed itself on the international markets. Nearby are the Castle of Porciano with its imposing tower, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and Capo d'Arno, where the river originates at the foot of Mount Falterona; nearby, in the location of Lago degli Idoli, starting in 1838 a huge deposit of Etruscan bronzes was found.

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