An ancient and renowned thermal centre (mineral, bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphurous waters gush out at 45° C), the capital of the upper Savio valley lies in a green valley at the foot of the Apennine ridge; the E 45 highway allows easy and quick access. The urban layout bears the imprint of the long-standing Florentine domination; of great interest are the remains of a fourteenth century fortress, erected by the Counts Guidi; the many buildings of the Medici era include the Palazzo del Capitano and the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, which preserves some elements of the original Romanesque construction. The vast municipal territory includes some of the Park's most famous places, including the enchanting La Lama plateau and the homonymous forest, the village and dam of Ridracoli, and the Scalacce dei Mandrioli; there are various hamlets that preserve remarkable historical and architectural heritage.

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