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The "wolf howling". Over the weekend two excursions in the Casentino Forests to learn about the wolf and hear "the voice".

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Monday, 21 November, 2016
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The wolf howling allows to identify individuals or households taking advantage of the natural tendency to howl this canid. issuance consists of forest of a recall, through the human voice or an amplified recording. Including in response to numerous requests, the Park has decided to regulate the conduct of this activity. The regulation will allow to minimize disturbance of a species particularly protected and, at the same time, to collect usable data for the ordinary monitoring performed by Park in collaboration with the C.T.A. Forestry Corps. The Agency has trained qualified guides accompanying groups - at fixed periods and for a limited number of appointments - for holding extraordinary sessions of wolf howling. Each guide has presented a training project to offer its group also includes information about the biology of the wolf and the monitoring activities of the National Park.

The guides will accompany the points assigned a maximum of twenty people, who can experience the wonderful experience of hearing the wolves howl immersed in the absolute darkness of the night.

The "Wolves program Casanova Alpe" begins Friday at 14 in Idro, eco-museum of Ridracoli waters, where there will be a visit to the room dedicated to the mammals of the National Park. At 15 we will move to the Alpe Casanova (8 km forest track, for a 30 min journey time. Approximately). The 16 are the excursion departure time on the tracks in the heart of Valdaora, long since abandoned by the man and the territory now occupied by the homonymous Canis lupus italicus herd. At 18 it consumes snack bag near Romiceto. From 18, 30 to 20 is expected to wolf howling, with listening to any replies.

For information and reservations you can contact the guide Cinzia Bellin( - Tel. 333. 5053907) or Hydro, Ecomuseum Ridracoli waters (0543. 917912).

The next night the proposal in the Park moves to the Casentino side with "A Night to wolves." The meeting is at bioagritourism Lucatello San Donato Brenda (Pratovecchio). Sipping a hot tea will make you aware of the wolf: "A predator to defend and to be resisted." It will then travel by car to Mandrioli / Valleys. Arrived in the assigned area will cover a short walk ever Silence, and then throwing the howling and monitor a possible presence of the wolf. On the way back there will be opportunity to dinner at the established cost structure. Booking is essential: tel. 340 9096261 - 582 231 0575.,
Al ritorno ci sarà possibilità di cena presso la struttura a prezzo convenzionato. La prenotazione è obbligatoria: tel. 340. 9096261 - 0575. 582231,

"The wolf has always evoked mixed feelings. Although it is widely recognized as one of the most fascinating wild animals, it is the subject most frequently used in order to symbolize the evil in fairy tales. The park straddles between conservation and development issues and puts in the field, alongside of impact mitigation measures of this species specially protected on human activities, for his knowledge and enhancement projects ". Luca Santini, president of the National Park.