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"A Park to be read in one breath." Forests in the Casentino in e-bikes (electrically assitita to ride bikes) with writers Paul Ciampi, Marco Vichi and Paola Zannoner two days "to sustainable mobility" up and down in the protected area Friday and Saturday next (24/25 June).

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Friday, 17 June, 2016
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Marco Vichi is one of the most famous Tuscan writers. To his pen and vision of one of the publishing companies oriented towards innovation and research in languages, Guanda, you owe the birth of the saga of "Commissioner Brothels". Paola Zannoner, one of the landmarks of Italian fiction for children, came to the general public with "The wind of Santiago", published by Mondadori in 2000. Since then, many have been the work of success, for the most prestigious publishing houses. And 'it translated into twenty languages ​​in the world. Very large is also the bibliography Paul Ciampi. "The Netherlands is a flower. In bicycle with Van Gogh", his latest book (Ediciclo publisher), welcomes some of the recurring themes of his fiction: the journey, the adventure, the passion for cycling. He writes of himself: "I live on words, for work and for passion. Words such as travel, words such as memory, words like bridges that unite us."
"A park to be read in one breath", Friday and Saturday (24/25 June), is the proposal of a trip to the Casentino Forests "on two wheels" with these writers. the idea of ​​a crossing in the literature and in the extraordinary history and nature heritage - the Casentino Forests - was born from Massimo Schiavo Stefano De Martin.


The bicycle in the Park, because of the marked differences in height that connote, is likely to be the preserve of business people trained and in good physical condition. Their pedal assistance variant, the conversion metaphor to "renewable mobility" instead is a way to get closer to a subject by the great sacrifices with relative ease and lightness.
The departure is scheduled for 9 from Pratovecchio (Ar). At 10 am there will be a stop at the farm of Casa Pallino Digonzano-Casalino to sample the cheeses of Lorenzo Rolle. At 12 the party will reach Miraglia chestnut, centuries-old patriarch of Camaldoli. Followed by lunch and visits to the Monastery, Hermitage and pond Traversari. At 18, he falls in Pratovecchio via Ama. At 20, 30 there will be a meeting with the writers at the evocative ambience of Mill Bucchio (Be), for the program "Reading and listening to travel stories with Zannoner Paola and Marco Vichi".

Saturday morning, at 8, 45, the itinerary resumes at the nuns of Santa Maria della Neve of Pratovecchio, where you can admire the old alembic of camaldolese pharmacy. It is a unique piece in the world, housed in an allegedly monolith in the twelfth century. At 9, 30 we start to visit the core of Porciano. It falls in Stia at 13, for lunch, after visits to Santa Maria delle Grazie and Campolombardo. In the afternoon, the museums of Stia wool, the mountains and the castle and the parish church of Romena closed the program. The return to Pratovecchio is scheduled for 18.

"The Italian national parks, diversamenti by others, perhaps the most famous in the world more projected toward the wilderness, must relate to their historical dimension to the cultural. It makes no sense, for example, speak of Casentino Forests apart from their role in the history of mobility European medieval or Renaissance Florence. I'm really grateful to Casentinoebike, which allows us to collaborate with authors as significant in a wide-ranging discussion of the literature, nature, history, overcoming disabilities and sustainable mobility ". Luca Santini, president of the Park.

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