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Botanical Garden Valbonella and San Paolo in Alpe. Ancient cultivars and tradition, two festive days in the National Park

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Tuesday, 21 June, 2016
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The proposal of the weekend in the Park opens to Valbonella Saturday morning (9:30 am) with a dedicated initiative to the old varieties of cultivated plants.
Local farmers bring products and experiences of the territory compared with researchers from the University of Pavia. The Lombard university has developed over the years a unique project in the country that led to the establishment of a real germplasm bank.
Professor Graziano Rossi and Stefano Braccini, fellow commissioned by the Park, will present the research project on the ancient cultivars protected area, with a view to conservation actions "ex situ" and "on farm". This, coupled with the creation of a list of "keepers farmers", will be a starting point for future projects put into cultivation and enhancement of products.
After the first year of field research have been identified a total of 28 possible cultivars, including some varieties of corn, sorghum, chickpea and bean.
Fabio Ciabatti, the Union of the Casentino mountain towns and Carlo Pedrazzoli, responsible for the planning of the park service, will describe the project for the census and conservation of old varieties of fruit.
For two days on Saturday and Sunday you can join a guided tour through the botanical garden, which will host for the occasion an exhibition of old varieties.
It will be also organized a treasure hunt "theme."
Lunch, with typical dishes and local products can take place, price agreement, took the Dogwood structures.


Sunday also awaits the traditional feast of St. Paul in the Alps, one of the most beautiful places in the entire national park, which will be accessible for the occasion by a shuttle service. The pro-site of Corniolo Campigna (tel. 980 304 0543. - 349 4231499) has organized for more than twenty years this festival with music, games - even for large (including Capture the Flag usual with horses) - and kitchen Tuscan-Romagna.

"It 's difficult to talk about these forests without dwelling on the constitutive role that this territory men, with few exceptions, have had. San Paolo in Alpe is one of the Park's natural heritage. The core has been inhabited up to not remote times and helped with the story of the people who have lived, to form a cultural identity of the Park. Speaking of cultivars and germplasm, even before they open a bibattito the future of agriculture, means extend a line to our past: are not only emotional appeals, the story of the history of those who preceded us, but wisdom and utilities lost, sometimes for excessive haste to chase a provisional concept of progress. " Luca Santini, President Park.
For information on the festival at Valbonella garden you can contact the office of the Park Information (Tel. 503 029 0575.) or Hydro, the eco-museum of Ridracoli waters (0543. 917 912).