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Back Sunday the event dedicated to sculpture and wood crafts. A Badia Prataglia, in the Casentino Forests, "The masters of the wood".

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Thursday, 11 August, 2016
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The life of Badia Prataglia, important tourist center of the National Park on horseback between Romagna and Tuscany, has always been marked dall'intescambio between man and the forests. Consequently, the activities related to the processing and the use of wood had a particular development.

"The event, now in its fourteenth edition - says the president of the park, Luca Santini - does not end in a reenactment will. The program talks about gastronomy and traditional products (the market place) of the Casentino and contains art exhibitions and moments sympathetic, intelligent entertainment. "
Sunday morning the Mercatale and stand with the exposure of artiginali products and the typical open at 10. Since that time you can also visit the exhibition "The roots of the art", with the exhibition of works by Roselli Saints, said Maffei.
The elementary school in the country again host the works of the painter Roberta Piedmont, which presents (9.30 / 12.30 and 17.30 / 19.30) an exhibition entitled "My Tuscany". In that space you can also see - during the same hours - oils Alessandro Gelli and photographic exhibition by Danilo Bigiarini "Badia Prataglia at the time of the Belle Epoque."
16 comes to the appointment with the traditional folk music with "The badalischi Vallesanta". At 16, 30 you can participate in a tasting of tortelli to the plate by the pro-site of Badia Prataglia.
At 16, 30 there will be a performance of one of the most interesting wild circus reality. Creativity, poetry, colors and many different languages: these are the ingredients of the show, the product of the residential workshop "to the field" in Vallesanta, the "Zuzzurulloni".

At the same time opens the forestry museum, which parallels the arboretum Siemoni, the oldest in Italy (1846).

he event involves the collaboration of the Municipality of Poppi, the consortium Casentino Development and Tourism, the Cooperative Oros and associations of Badia Prataglia..