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European park week

It was May 24, 1909 when the Swedish Parliament approved the first framework law on national parks of the Old Continent. Yellowstone, the first National Park in the world, was only 37 years old. It was a small group of scientists and intellectuals, driven by concern for the dangers that even then threatened the most remote and virgin territories, who gave the decisive push towards the birth of this first European institution. It was the very idea of the national park as a monument of beauty, an example to pass on to future generations, that kicked off this drive.

It wasn’t just the age of parks that began in 1909, but also the European road towards environmental protection, where the concept of conservation, typical of the overseas, was joined by the (perhaps still embryonic) concept of sustainability and human landscape.

In Italy, the day of May 24th is celebrated with a rich program of meetings, excursions, exhibitions and environmental activities that take place throughout the week. Also, various initiatives are organized in the National Park around this occasion, to promote knowledge of the biodiversity and the territory of the protected area.

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