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Friday morning in Badia Prataglia, ideal hinge connection between Romagna and Tuscany. Forestry Department and National Park into a popular event on the relationship with the natural environment

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Tuesday, 29 November, 2016
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The appointment Friday - at the end of the exhibition on "Fight against poaching, conservation and wildlife management" - focuses on the general themes of the relationship with the natural environment. It will speak of forests, people, places and poaching . they will present also some news about the fighting techniques to illegal forms of hunting.

It opens at 10 with greetings by Luca Santini and Sergio Paglialunga - President and Director of the National Park - and the deputy regional commander CFS Tuscany, Alberto Bronzi.

Following this presentation of Daniel Zovi, CFS regional commander of the Veneto, who will talk about the history of the evolution of the forest landscape in Italy since Roman times to the present day drawn through tales
images: "From Caligula to Casentino: a curious forest history."

John Quilghini, head UTB CFS Pratovecchio, will "From state property state nature reserves and national park: protected areas of Casentino Forests in their historical path. The public good as a form of defense against exploitation and poaching".
After the coffee break will be articulated by Franco Locatelli contributions, the service protected area Promotion ( "The relationship with the natural environment in the stories of people and places of the National Park of Casentino Forests"), and Marco Mencucci head CTA CFS surveillance of the national Park ( "the poaching, some general data and a new contrast modes: Nuclei dog lovers poison the CFS").
The closure is dedicated to exchanges and insights.

"Poaching conflict with the proper wildlife management practices and often performs indulging in gimmicks of savagery and inhumanity. The Authority is putting in place a series of measures that aim to make the park a laboratory for the correct relationship between impact of animals (those are rare and protected preservation of ecosystems and important tool for promoting tourism resource) and human activities ". Luca Santini, president of Conservation Authority.

For information you can contact the information office of the Park (0575. 503 029;, or visit the center of Badia Prataglia (0575. 559 477).