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Park planning and Law

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Rules of establishment of the Park.
The first measures to protect the territory of the Park date back to Decree of the Ministry of Environment in December 1990, at a time in the history of italian parks there wasn't still an organic law on the subject and there were only five national parks and other areas protected regional initiatives established under local law. The establishment of the Park itself however, gets under way only after the approval of the framework law on protected areas (l.394/91), all considered to be a historic event, which provided an organic law unit for the operation of park and hence today the whole italian system of protected areas. The Decree of Republic President of 12 July 1993 is formally established the Institute of Management, it established the perimeter of the protected and dictated the rules provisional safeguard.
The Statute.
The Statute contains the statutory criteria which underpin the business of: the legal status, the local jurisdiction, purposes and rules of the Park, the Organs of the Authority and their functions, the ordering's of the staff's management tools and organization of the Park (Rules, Park Plan, "Nulla Osta", Multy-year Economic and Social Plan) and the guidelines and rules for public partecipation.
The Plan and Rules.
As required by the Framework Law on Protected Areas, management of the territorie falling in the National Park is governed by the Plan of the Park, which defines the organization of the protected area into four zones with different degrees of protection and means for each of them the objectives. The activities allowed in the Park are also governed by the rules of the Park, which identifies for each sector in detail the procedures and limitations for the implementation of various interventions.