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Identity card

Institution: D.P.R.12 July 1993 “Istituzione dell’Ente Parco Nazionale delle ForesteCasentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna”.

Administration : autonomous institution governed by the law 394/91, the organsare ConsiglioDirettivo, Giunta Esecutiva,Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti, Comunità del Parco.

Extension: approximately 36.843 ha, divided into four separate areas withdifferent protection, as required by the Park Plan.

"Area A Nature Reserve": includes areas of outstanding naturalvalue, where the human presence is absent or minor and where thenatural environment is preserved in its integrity. These areas areintended to safeguard and maintain the ecological balance andenvironmental note, in the prevention and elimination of potentialconfounding factors endogenous and exogenous. This area includes thenature reserves of Sassofratino, La Pietra and Monte Falco.

"Area B": it's the area where the activities are aimed atimproving the complexuty of ecosystem, the maintenance of naturalbalance and cultivation, the exaltation and preservation of strongelements of its landscape, historical, monumental, eveni if notconsistent with unique natural features of the zone. In the "AreaB" are preserved the natural, undisturbed state as possible. Thenaturalness is maintained through the protection, the activeintervention of the Authority and the maintenance of educational usesonly, educational, informational, recreational and traditionalagro-forestry-pastoral, compatible with the conservation of naturalfeatures in principle. These areas includes most of the regionalistate-owned forests, the monumental complex of La Verna an biogeneticnature reserve of Camaldoli, Badia Prataglia, Campigna and Scodella.

"Area C": it's characterized by the presence of natural resources,landscape and environmental worthy of protection and enhancement.These areas includes areas of natural interest, characterized by thefact that human activity has shaped the appearance of places and theenvironment by the current state worthy of protection, which shouldbe the subject of landscape protection by maintaining a balancebetween the system settlement and the natural one.

"Area D": these areas includes all urban centers and theirexpansion and production areas, small towns of historical and touristattraction.

Supervisory :"Corpo Forestale dello Stato", organized in "CoordinamentoTerritoriale per l'Ambiente", which owns 10 commands ForestryStation.

Distancefrom some cities: Firenze 49 km; Arezzo 48 km; Siena 100 km; Perugia 104 km; Rimini 96 km; Forlì 46 km; Bologna 116 km; Cesena 60 km.

Regions: Emilia-Romagna (18.200 ha) e Toscana (18.000 ha).

Provincialadministration: Forlì (18.200 ha), Arezzo (14.100 ha) e Firenze (3.900 ha)

Municipality: Bagno di Romagna, Santa Sofia, Premilcuore, Portico - San Benedetto e Tredozio (FC); Chiusi della Verna, Bibbiena, Poppi, Pra­tovecchio Stia (AR); Londa e San Godenzo (FI).

Property: Demanio dello Stato (5.300 ha); Demanio delle Regioni (18.800 ha); privati (12.100 ha).

Property: about 2.000.

Woodland: more than 80% of the total area.

River: in Tuscany, the upper course of the Arno with its tributaries:Staggia, Fiumicello, Archiano and Corsalone; in Romagna: Tramazzo,Montone, Rabbi and the river Bidente with the branches of Corniolo,Ridracoli and Pietrapazza.

Lakes: the artificial of Ridracoli.

Highestpeak: more than 80% of the total area.

Lowestpoints: 430 m. in the valley ofBidente Ridracoli, 450 m in the valleys of Bidente Corniolo andMontone, 470 m. in the valley of the river Corsalone.