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The National Parks have target told by the Law 394/91 "Framework Law on Protected Areas" and they are referred to the Ministry of Environment and Land Protection. The Law 394/91 defines National Parks as "terrestrial, river, lake or sea areas that contain one or more intact ecosystems or even partially altered by anthropic interventions, one or more physical, geological, geomorphological, biological, international or national elements of naturalistic, scientific, aesthetic, cultural, educational and recreational values ​​such as to require State intervention for their conservation for present and future generations ".

Today in Italy there are 25 National Parks. Altogether they cover more than one million half hectares, equivalent about 6% of the national territory. In addition to planning and supervision, the National Park must enhance its mission to link tool and enhancement of local realities, which must be in the beauty of the land they inhabit the coesive element, the key resource for their development. To discover the world of parks you can explore the portal Federparchi www.parks.it