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The wolf represents a constant presence in the Park, both for the number of its specimens and for the role it plays in maintaining the natural balances. In the Park there are also many varieties of insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and other mammals. Some of them are difficult to see because of their small dimensions or of their natural mistrust towards men; for these reasons, the Visitor Center in Premilcuore teaches how to listen to them and to notice their traces. The museum halls in the Visitor Center, have many aquaria and "terrari" (where specimens of animals living in the soil are kept), showing some of the most interesting species of the sea and earth fauna populating the territory of the protected area.

Premilcuore - The Fauna
All’interno “Museo della fauna del Crinale Romagnolo”
Via Roma, 34
tel. 0543.956540
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Visitor n. 024059184

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